Thursday, August 28, 2008

1st Letter from Chicago!!! Yeah!

We got our first email from Derek in Chicago. I was going to pick out bits and pieces but I thought it's be fun for you all to be able to read the whole thing. He sounds like he's doing good and excited to be out in the field. Here it is:
"Hola from Chicago. Everything went great yesterday. We got here in Chicago about 12 p.m. and the APs picked us up and we went to the mission home. We met the president and his wife and talked and had lunch-a deep dish Chicago style pizza mmmmmmmmmm. It was really good. We then left the mission home after they put a part in my hair and took pictures. I am serving in a ward that is called the Gurnee 2nd ward. Last night we went to a members home and had spaghetti; it was good. We spent a little time there and shared a message. I shared 1st Nephi 21 14-16 that says that Christ will never forget us. My companion's name is Elder Williams. He is a cool elder, he is funny. He has only been out for a few months longer than me so we are both learning together. Right now they have me serving in an English speaking area but next week at transfers they will put me in a Spanish area, it sound like. Today they have given me some time to write you and to do some p-day stuff. But when we are done here we are going to go tracting for a while, meet some of the members, and then we have a few teaching appointments tonight, I am soooo excited, I cant wait. I hope everything there is going good there. If you send letters the best way to send them is to the mission office. I think you said you have that address, and then they will forward it to me where ever I am. I love you guys! Hope you guys are doing good. LOVE Elder Hyde. Hasta luego"

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