Thursday, August 28, 2008

Derek's Been REASSIGNED!!

We got a call from Derek on August 22 (Last Friday). He said that he has been reassigned. Hopefully it's just for 2 weeks or so until his Visa arrives. He will serve for a few weeks in the Chicago North Mission!!! He is the only one of the Peru missionaries that will go to Chicago. He left Yesterday (August 27). Sounds like there was a senior missionary who had to bring a missionary here to Salt Lake and then he was flying back with Derek. We hope that this will be neat experience for Derek. It's easy for us sometimes to feel disappointed for him, but he will get to say he served his mission in two different parts of the world, how cool!

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GDR said...

I'm glad he's out in the field - even if it's a Chicago "field" :)

Hope Peru happens soon !

- G. Rich (Morgan)