Monday, June 22, 2009

New Companion Going to Celebrate Hump Day! June 22, 2009

Hey my family, how is everything going? It has been a wet week here too. Either it is raining or you’re sweating really badly. Either way you’re wet.

Everything here is great. My new comp is awesome. Elder Lazo is from Arequipa, in southern Peru. He is really cool and is helping me a lot. We had a great week and found and set a few more baptism dates. He has 5 months in the mission but he teaches really well.

Last week Elder Portilla left and went to Lima where it is really cold. I am glad that I stayed and am not in Lima.

This week I have been learning, in my free time, how to make a hammock. The kind of hammock that I sent you guys. It is going to be sweet. I got the package and I love it. I love the m&ms and the camel. I really love it all, the pictures are awesome, but what happened to dad´s hair?

Hey I was wondering how Cameron is doing. Haven’t heard anything of him, and all the other cousins either.

Well my comp is really funny, and he likes to laugh. We have some good laughs this week.

We are teaching a young man who has been given the priesthood but was not baptized. Don’t ask me how it happened it just happened. His whole family are members but went inactive, and now they are getting active, and they thought he was baptized. Well it will be a really easy baptism. We also found a young woman yesterday and she is excited to get baptized. She has friends in the church that have got her excited.

I am excited for this week because I can play with fire. I am going to burn one of my shirts. One of the shirts that I had before the mission is now junked up, ripped, and I am a piro.

There have not been riots lately, so there is nothing to worry about.
My suit jacket is here with me. I just don’t use it until I change.
We eat in the morning and night in the pension and it is ok food.

About the trip to Lima from here. First you have to take a boat to Pucallpa or Tarapoto.
Then from there, there is a really dangerous road to get to Lima.
I do have my scripture cases of tiger skin. And he I going to make me a tie too.

I hope you have a great week.
LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY HUMP DAY WITH THE MISSIONERIES. :) (We are feeding our missionaries on Derek’s Hump day)


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