Monday, July 20, 2009

Awesome week Family Home Evening with Families July 20 2009

We had an awesome week. We ended it with two baptisms. One that his family are members and the one that we have been working with to get married. It was great. I also saw a family get baptized that I had been working with but they are from another area. They were living in our area while their house was flooded. We got all their papers for their marriage and taught them. Then they moved back to their house and it was a free baptism for the other missionaries. We had a massive baptism; with like 15 people it was awesome.

It had rained a lot this week again. But also it was freakin hot. When the weather is like this it tires you out. Every night we go home plan and want to hit the sack.

We have had a lot more success this week, which is good. We have also had a little fun Because this week is going to be stressful, we have like 6 baptisms planned.

This last p day we played in the mud, it was mud soccer. It was a lot of fun, slippin and slidin. We finally won the other Zone. It was really fun, we also got permission to watch batman. It was an awesome movie.

Well I have a feeling this is my last week in Iquitos. I think I am heading to Lima. Even though I don’t want to. Every one tells me I am going up to district leader, but I really don’t want to. But I will take whatever calling the lord wants me to. I know that the lord prepares a way for all his children to fulfill their callings.

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing busy week. We have been having FHE every night with members, it has been a really good week with that. We have been able to get to know the members and also have some fun with them. We had one this week that I was getting pick on in the games. We played hot potato and every time you lose you get painted with lip stick. I was covered this day in lipstick my whole face was red.

Another one we got a young women soaked. It's called a trip to the stars. You put a shirt on the head and on the count of three they look thru the sleeve just as you pour water down it. It is really fun. That was basically our week. It was a really good one, and I hope this next one is just as good.


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raising4boys said...

Just checking in on your missionary. WOW!! Sounds like he is busy. Congratulations on 2 baptisms and 6 in the works.

Mud soccer sounds like so much fun. My boys would LOVE that.

We just moved back into your neck of the woods. West Point. It's so nice to be back. Maybe we will run into you guys sometime.

Love, The Jones family