Monday, July 13, 2009

HOT Rainy, Family Home Evening, Massive Marriages July 13 2009

Hey my wonderful family. I hope everything is going great. We had a really busy week. I started writing in my journal again and regret not writing for the last month. I did put a few experiences that I do remember though. The last week ended up a little sad because we had no baptismal dates set. The president said to the leaders that he was a little worried, but it was just a bad week.

This week we have set 6 dates and they are for the next two weeks. We have also been organizing a massive marriage, that we finally had Saturday. We had one couple that got married and she will be baptized this week, but also we had a family from another ward that we found that got married and will be baptized. It was really cool to help them, but with that came a lot of stress. We ran here and there trying to get things ready, finding papers and all that junk.

We found a young lady that we started to teach and right off the bat she said I want to get baptized, it was cool. I have seen the blessing of the lord this last week. It has shown me that when your mind is in the work and not in the house, the family, or other things, the work moves forward.

We did another activity this week. We dressed up as the book of Mormon and the bible and went out and passed out pamphlets with the youth. It was an alright activity. I felt a little strange but it was fun.

Youth conference is this week huh sound that the food is going to be good. I miss your good cooking, when I get home I am going to get fat. (Shane and I are going to Youth Conference to cook the meals for the youth.)

These last two days have been really freaking hot. I was out for half hour and my whole body was wet. I was sweating so bad, I couldn’t believe it. We were suffering, until all of the sudden it started to rain. Saturday before the wedding it started to rain. And yesterday it started to rain really hard. We had to walk about 1 mile in the rain. We were soaked.

This week we have been working really hard with the members doing FHE with a different family every night. It has been a really good thing for them, well and for us to. It gives them a chance to invite someone, so we can then teach them.Well we have had a great week and will continue having a great month. And also a great year.

Love you all a lot Love Elder Hyde

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