Monday, July 27, 2009

Excellent Week. Leaving Iquitos....going to Lima July 27 2009

Well we ended the week with excellence. We spent all week spending time with our investigators that got baptized so that they didn’t fall thru. So it was a really busy week. We had 6 baptisms and one of them was the father of my friend that passed away in the accident. They have been waiting for that moment for a long time. It was a really neat baptism that we had. One thing that hit me was when he gave his testimony, before he was saying “um I don’t have that great of a testimony”, but that testimony that he shared was AMAZING.

Well it will probably be my last baptism here in Iquitos, because I am leaving to go to Lima. And the scary part is that I will be DL (district leader) and I will have a kid (I am going to be a papa (trainer). AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH well I am going to do the best I can because the lord has called me. I know that some challenges lay ahead but also some wonderful experiences. I can’t wait. Well I am a little nervous.

We had been working really hard in the area and have had a lot of success. It was an amazing change we had a lot of fun and success. We helped strengthen the members and investigators. We had a few weeks of slow and tiring work. But that time paid off. We ended this change with 11 baptism. I am really going to miss this area. I have so many converts. I have more than 30 and I won’t have time to say goodbye. I will do my best and if not I will leave them a note with my companion.

We had a really cool activity this week, we called it eat drink and be merry for tomorrow you die. We tied in the plan of salvation. What we did is everyone started out with some money and we had a store and a dance club and also a theater where they watched “Ice Age 3” we told them to go wild and spend their money. Then after an hour or so we turned off everything and told them that they died. We moved to another room and separated them in the kingdoms depending on how much money they had. We said that sometime we have a little to much fun here in the world and we will have to pay the price for that we the lord comes to judge us. It was really fun.

I forgot to tell you that last Monday we had the privilege to watch "night at the museum 2" we are the highest baptizing zone here in the zone. It was funny.Have you guys seen that or Ice age 3? I think here it comes out on disk before it comes out in the theaters. Here they don’t have ratings on the movies.

The area that I am going to is called Tihuantunsuyo. (TI-WAN-TUN-SUYO) I don’t know my companion yet because he is a newbi and it still in the CCM. I should leave on Wednesday.

I should be able to get my suitcase that I left in the mission office. I think I will be leaving a lot here so that I can take my hammock and all the stuff I bought here in Iquitos.

Well, Talk to you all next week. I just want you to know that I love you all so very much and hope all is going well there. Love you all and pray for you everyday.

Love your son, brother, and uncle,
Elder Hyde

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