Monday, July 6, 2009

Sticky Fruit, Great Companion, Short Letter July 6 2009

Well our last two weeks have been really good. We have had three baptisms and we have been enjoying our change together. My companion and I are getting along great, he is really funny. We have a a little bit of a drought with investigators. We are finding more this week that we will put with a date.

The weather here is a little rain and it is getting really hot. Everyone is telling me I am getting skinnier. I kinda hope so.

I have gotten really bad at writing in my journal. I haven’t written in it for the past three weeks. So one of the days I am going to go back thru and remind myself what has happened. It will be easy because we have our agendas that I will be able to look at to remind me.

The last week we went to a little place in the jungle and ate a fruit that when you eat it closes your mouth. It leaves a really sticky liquid on your lips and feels like you can’t open it. We also played a little soccer and a little volley with a less active family.

We had a really cool activity this week. We got the ward together and had a night of games. We had an eating contest, played musical chairs, pie in the face, arm wrestling, and balloon popping contest. It was really cool, we had a great turnout. And the members enjoyed themselves and told us we need to do it again. So I think we will start doing more activities like that.

Well we have got to go, sorry if this is not a great letter. I promise that next week will be a lot better.
Love ,
your favorite missionary,

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