Monday, August 10, 2009

Search Ponder and Pray, Teaching and Baptisms Walking up steep hills August 10 2009

Hey this week was very, very good. We ended up having two unplanned baptisms, which the story is really cool. We visited them Monday and they didn’t want to accept a date. We then tried to teach the restoration telling them that we are unclean because of sin and that only thru a baptism correct could we return to the presence of our father. We told them that we had planned baptism services every Saturday this month and they could pick whichever they wanted, I guess that they understood really well because they said this week or in three days they wanted to get baptized. It was amazing.

Well we also have planned for this week 1, and she is really prepared for her baptism she really understands the importance of repentance and baptism. I was thinking that when I left the jungle that I wouldn’t find many baptism, just because it a little bit harder here, but come to find out, if we are obedient and put our trust in the lord, he will bless us for our work.
Well in my district the numbers are really low right now, I don’t know what happens. But everyone is doing really well, I am trying to get them excited for the excellent change that we are going to have here and I am going to do my best to help everyone.

My comps returned to Bolivia, and now I am with a mini missionary, he lives here close, he has 17 years and this is his second mini mission. He teaches pretty well I was surprised. Still he has got a little to learn though.

Yesterday was really cool we found a really cool family, the parents and their three daughters. We taught them and they almost accepted, but still have a few doubts, so we told them, read, ponder and pray are the things that they must do, the spirit will guide and deep inside they’ll know these things are true.

Well like I said we had a really fun, interesting week full of adventure (and lots of hill climbing, in this area you are either going up or going down there is no level ground) My zone is Tuhantunsuyo but I am in one area in comas, with lots of hills everyday we climb up a steep mountain. It is really good exercise. but they feed me so much that I will not lose weight here.

The weather is good, in the mornings it is really cold. (when I got to lima I got a surprise from one of my comps that returned home. Elder Torrejon left me sweaters, shirts, and some other stuff to. I am soooo glad because now I have something to keep me warm.) We even have hot water in the morning. It is so nice, we live in a mansion.

Well this it all I remember this week right now.

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