Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interviews with the President, Cookies and Flour Sand Castle August 24 2009

Hey my family,
This week was really good we had a good fun week. Well it was all good until Saturday, the baptism fell thru again. This time few members showed up but also we couldn’t get into the closet where the clothes were. The good thing is that she is still excited to get baptized, she came to church yesterday. The only thing is this week, I am going to do all I can to get members there. I am a little tired that they are not coming. Well we had interviews and president sends his saludos or hellos. They were very good interviews and I felt really good afterwards.

One thing fun that we did this week is we made a list of all the people that we wanted to contact. Like 2 pregnant women or 3 baldies, stuff like that to make it a little more fun to contact people. It worked really well.

We had a really good FHE this week, we had a thing of flour and made it like a little sand castle and put a ten cent piece on top. And we took a knife and started cutting it. And well the thing is that we imagined the flour as our foundation and us as the 10 cents. And eventually as satin (knife) cuts our foundation deep and we fall. Then we did another but didn’t take away the top and it had a picture of Christ on it and we taught that when we are built upon Christ rock we are saved and satin has no power. It was really good. I hope you can imagine what I was explaining.
Tuesday we had district meeting and it went alright we mostly talked about our investigators and what their problems or difficulties are and we all tried to help solve their problems. I also bought cookies for everyone to get them excited. I think it worked because most had higher numbers this week. Or maybe it was because pres burned us all.

We had some good laughs this week including one lady didn’t want to let us in her house because she thought we were going to steal something. You can see in what kind of world we live in. A lot of things happen here, so really you can’t trust anyone.
Hey what does your tattoo look like if you had a choice you should have got CTR tattooed there. Ha ha. ( Elder Hyde's mom is having radiation for a tumor in her lung. I have a small dot as a tattoo)

Sorry if this letter is not to great. I have a lot of things running thru my head right now and I think I will just go to sleep all day.
Well all here is well and I am enjoying my time and I LOVE YOU ALL TONS. LOVE ELER HYDE

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