Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Into the water......finally.....yes and even under the water....September 2 2009

Hey my family how is everyone?

We had a great week. We finally got the sister in the water that we have tried for the last 2 weeks. But what is the chance that it wasn’t easy to get her under. We had entered the water and I said the prayer and went to dunk her but she stiffened up and I wasn’t able to do it. She was really scared about me dropping her. Well we had a bigger elder that just happened to be with us that day, get in and get behind her for support, but still nothing. About 20 min passed and the ward was trying to help her but nothing. So I told her watch I am going to practice with Elder Sanchez which was bigger than her. That was a mistake, his feet came up and we both slipped, but at the last second he came up and said look how easy that was. I don’t know if it helped or if it scared her more. Well after that she finally let us dunk her. Satan was working hard with her. She is going to be a really strong member. I am glad that we finally got her baptized.

This week we also found a really cool family. One of the kids wants to get baptized and his father was willing to sign the permission and also was willing to pay for his baptism. We are trying to get the whole family but the dad says he has other religion and the mother is not married with him, so we are trying to get all the kids baptized.

We have a lot of families that we are teaching and hopefully we can get something going with them, most of them need to get married first. It kinda sucks here because they just don’t know better.

I am getting the hang of my job as district leader and I hope I am helping everyone else.

I think that letter from Jose is really funny. Did you understand it. if you want tell him. "HEY, ESCRIBANOS EN ESPAƑOL, PODEMOS ENTENDERLE" and Joe can translate the letter for you. He told me that he wanted you to find him a chick that wanted to teach him English and he would teach her Spanish it was a little mixed up in the letter, in other words he is looking for a wife. Jaja

Well we had a beautiful day at the temple and we will be watching a movie that I bought about President Monson.


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GDR said...

I got quite a laugh over the baptism story !! I could just picture it. Have a great day Theresa !