Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dinner with President Perez, Package from home and Baptism. December 14 2009

What’s up sorry it is so late we just got done with interviews and eating with President Perez. We had chicken cordon bleu. It was delicious.

Wow. It has been a long time since Alden spoke in church. My farewell was almost 18 months ago. I don’t think I have gone more that a month and a half without talking in sacrament meeting. I almost fee like Dad now.

We are eating on our own. We could get a pension but for right now I think we will keep cooking because it is a little bit easier for us. In the nights, sometimes we go out to eat and we get 1/8 of chicken for $1. It is cheap. Sometimes we get hamburger, A Hawaiian Hamburger with pineapple and peaches inside it might sound weird but it is delicious. You asked what kind of cereal and milk do you eat. There is a cereal brand that is called angel and they have bunch of different flavors. We usually get a variety of flavors. I am sorry but my English is horrible. I have forgotten how to spell. (Good thing mom knows how to correct his spelling)

We have 8 Somos (Elders?) in our zone. There are two Gringos here me and Elder Crum. He is from Arizona. He is new, he has two changes and is still picking up on the Spanish.

Today the President came. We just got done saying goodbye to him. I got one package that looks like a Melaleuca box. The next package I will get will be Jan 13. 2010. That is when I go to Lima for our meetings if I stay as lider de zona.

This week we had the baptism of Walter, he has 16 years. At first he was a little doubtful, or a little disappointed that the other elders left. But we got his excitement up and he entered the water and it was a wonderful experience.

My time is just about up. I am glad that all is well there. I am glad that mom is alright. I told pres today that all is well and that mom is getting better. (Interesting that he told the President this when he did not know the results of the scans showed that the chemo is shrinking the tumors. I will be asking him about that!)
Love you lots,
Elder Hyde

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