Monday, December 7, 2009

Sad to Leave Converts and Members, Love the Jungle! December 7 2009

Yes I love it in the jungle. It is really pretty here. I could move here after the mission. ha! ha!

Wow, what an interesting week. First we spent Monday and Tuesday visiting and saying goodbye to my converts and also the members. It was really hard, I have really grown to love the people there, they were so kind and loving. It was especially hard to say goodbye to the family that we lived with they had been so good. I almost started to cry, but i left the room as fast as I could so they couldn’t see me.

My comp left early Wednesday morning so I took him to the offices and hung out with some other missionaries waiting for the change meeting. When we finished the meeting, my comp and I went to McDonalds and ate ice cream and then went and rested the rest of the night.

Thursday we had a meeting with all the zone leaders that lasted almost the whole day. We ate after that at papa john’s pizza, it was really good.

We caught our flight at 8:00 pm and made it to Tarapoto at 9:15, took a taxi to Moyobamba and that took about 2 hours, it was a pretty drive even though it was dark and I was half asleep. It was a very good, interesting but very very long trip. We had been sitting all day on our butts. My butt by the end of the day was really sore.

We will be taking the trip in the day time because president is coming next week and we will be eating with him. We finally made it to our house at 12:30 in the morning and went right to sleep.

Friday we spent cleaning the house because it was a pig sty. They left like 4 bags of garbage and like 100 boxes of milk. We did find and interesting way to use the boxes though. We made a tree, it is really cool. We bought some decorations for our tree. It has lights and everything.

We tried to get to know the area but it is a little hard when the two of us are new. The other elders left with not a whole lot so, this week we have a whole lot of finding to do. I know that there is a lot of possibilities here for success. So far we only have 1 date that the elders left us but in this week we have the goal of 3 more.

The members here are really cool. We only got a little time to get to know them yesterday, but they are all very loving and something that I really like about here is they talk with a really thick accent.
It is really pretty here, it is really really green. Today we took like an hour bus ride to go to another area in our zone and oh my gosh it is so pretty. I think i took like 20 pictures. We went to a little place today and played soccer, it was really pretty and the good thing it is that we are in the rainy season and it is not to hot, and it wasn’t raining.

Well it is not a lot different being zone leader, well at least i don’t feel it yet. We have a few more reports to do, but other than that it is normal. Well the other thing is is that i have a cell phone and it is a little weird still to have it.
Here we don’t have a pension so we have eaten cereal and milk for breakfast and have eaten chicken and french fries for dinner.
Elder Garnica is good, it has been almost a year now and we are back together. We got along great and i think it will be the same this time. He is a little bit different, because he is a little trunky he is going to end in February.

Well that was basically our crazy and interesting week. I will probably have more to write to you next week, right now we are still lost.

I want to try to write a Christmas letter to all my converts. I hope I can do it so it sounds good. I will put a photo of my comp and I by our tree of milk boxes
Love Elder Hyde

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