Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am in Peru October 6 email

Collique Area
My first week in Peru has been AMAZING. I am in an area call COLLIQUE. It is cold in the morning when I wake up but throughout the day it is warm. The showers are freezing it will take some time to get used to.
I don’t know if it was culture shock or if I am just excited to be here, but Tuesday, my first day here, I was just amazed at everything.
My companion is Elder Maldonado and he is from Lima Peru. I think he said house is just a few blocks from the mission offices, that would be in the central mission. He does not speak any English.
I have seen a lot of the missionaries that I was in the Provo MTC with. I saw Elder Ridge and Elder Layton at a multi-zone meeting.
Surprisingly, I have eaten mostly rice, beans and chicken. The weirdest thing is the soup. They cook the chicken in the soup and don’t take it off the bones. Se when they give you the soup they give you bones and EVERYTHING! It is kinda weird tasting soup but I really like the noodles.
We are teaching a few families and a few teenagers. A couple of them went with us to conference on Sunday. They didn’t pay as much attention to conference as I had hoped. It was kinda hard for me. I will need you to send me a copy of the Ensign in English, because I had to listen in Spanish and got the most of what they said, but not all of it. It would be nice to read it.
I am grateful for all of you guys and your support. I am grateful to be here in Peru.

Oh yeah and your big hugs )_____ _____(

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