Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuve Me Primero Bautismo------------October 25, 2008

tuve me primero bautismo------I had my first baptism.
It was weird,(interesting) we had met Milagros Grados on the street one time and I guess she was investigator pior to us meeting her. We invited her to church and stopped by her house a few times. At first it didn’t sound like she wanted to change. But come last Sunday she showed up at church and after Sunday school she said, “I want to get baptized”.
She had an interview with the bishop on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday we went over the lessons with her. She passed her interview on Friday. She was baptized Saturday then confirmed on Sunday.
Milagros Grados was my first baptism. Saturday my comp said ”Hey, your going to be doing the baptism today, get your stuff ready.” I freaked a little ‘cause I didn’t know the prayer in Spanish. Throughout the day I tried to memorize it. It went ok, I was so worried about saying her four names that I forgot how the first part of the prayer went. The other elders were there to help, so that was good.
Elder Seanz and Elder Morton had four baptisms that day too, we did them all together. It was a good week

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