Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stupid Stealth Dogs October 24,2008

This week was a bad week for dogs. We had two encounters with them.
Yesterday my comp got bit, not bad, but I am sure it still does not feel good.

The other one happened to a little kid, we were walking with his family. This kid was walking on the wanna-be sidewalk and he walked past a dog that had puppies. The dog freaked out and put its front paws on the kid’s shoulders and bit him on the side of the face, his cheek and ear. My companion ran over and kicked the dog really hard in the stomach. The wound looked bad and was bleeding. I felt really bad and I was not sure what to do.

Some dogs are dumb and some are chilled. I have tried the no eye contact, it usually works. Some dogs we call stealth dogs. They don’t bark or anything as you go past but they sneak up on you as you walk away and attack. That is how elder Maldonado got bit. Stupid stealth dogs.

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