Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My week October 20, 2008

My week has been good. For some reason we can’t get the members to help us a lot. They do help the most they can I think. We are teaching a couple of lessons each day.

I am reading “Jesus the Christ”, it is an awesome book. It is so interesting.

Our apartment is one of the nicest that I have been in so far. We have tile floors.
We have a shower head that is suppose to heat up the water, but it is broken. While I am in this apartment I will be taking cold showers. Our roof leaks when it rains. It is not really a rain though it is a mist.

They give us three big bottle of purified water that last a change. (6weeks) I buy a lot of crush pop, they don’t really sell water. When we eat at members houses I can’t ask what we are eating because I probably won’t understand what they say.

When we asked Derek how he was doing with Spanish he replied,” Mas O Menos” It’s ok, but I speak really simple and can’t really speak my mind. It is getting easier though. One time I was teaching a woman, I got the feeling she did not understand what I was saying.

Today (P Day) we are going to be playing sports at the church and having a barbeque with the other elders in our zone. I am excited.

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