Monday, October 13, 2008

The Weather, The Haircutand The Earthquake October 13, 2008

Sorry I didn’t email yesterday. The elders that were delayed(Elder Layton, Elder Ridge, Elder Ellison ) had to go and do some paperwork and stuff at the office.

That is awesome that Luke Hobbs is going to Guatemala City. Tell Brad Lloyd (going to Louisville Kentucky in Jan.) good luck and he is going to make a great missionary.

Kevin and Brian are the names of the young men that went to general conference with us. We go to a lot of less active member’s homes. We have a lot here. We do a lot of street contacting. We have a goal of contacting 20 people a day. We don’t really know on to many doors, maybe a few. We have district and zone meetings every Tuesday.

The weather is perfect. The weird thing is everybody asks me “A tiene frio? Do you have a cold? They are all wearing sweaters and stuff, I am in short sleeves. I just think of the snow that you guys have and I am all warm.
Funny Story

Friday we went and got a haircut. The first one in two months, yeah I felt a little apostate. I had gel in my hair and the lady didn’t put water on it. she cut it so it would still have to be a comb over. That probably doesn’t make sense so to make it a short story, one side of my hair is longer than the other. I have a crazy cool picture. It is not bad but I do have to keep the part down the side.

I felt my first earthquake. It happened last Monday. It was not bad.

We eat lunch at member’s homes and we fix our own dinner and breakfast. We mostly eat rice, chicken and bean. I have not gotten real sick, I have been a little sick from adjusting to the food but that is about it. I did eat some cow’s feet. It was weird and not very good. That day my stomach was the worst, so I didn’t eat a whole lot.

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