Sunday, September 14, 2008

Derek's Email-September 10

"We are in a new area and we don't have any investigators so we do alot of contacting on the street and knocking on doors all day. But it is a good experience trying to talk to everyone. The President wants us to run every morning for 20 minutes, but I am really slow and don't like running. But that's okay, I need to learn to run from the dogs that want to eat me."

"Yesterday we were contacting and knocking on doors. At about 8:15 p.m we knocked a door and the guy answered and said," I am sorry, I don't have time right now. But I am glad you guys came here because I am going through some hard times in my life. So Saturday we are going back to teach him. I am really excited. Also, yesterday was the first time I got doors slammed in my face. It was kind of exciting. Other than that we have just been knocking doors and street contacting, giving people cards. We did teach a lesson yesterday at church. It went pretty good I thought, even though I did not understand a whole lot."

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