Sunday, September 14, 2008

Transfer to Spanish Speaking Area

As mentioned in one of the previous posts, Derek was transferred to a Spanish-Speaking area on September 3rd. Here are some of the things he has written to us about in his letter from Sept 5.
"Wednesday was transfers like I told you in my email. I have been put in a Spanish area with a companion from El Salvador. Se llama Elder Mejia. We have bikes and so Wednesday we had to go to the store and get groceries and bring them back on the bike. It was hard but we made it. All of the food made it too.
Derek with his mission president and his wife, and his new companion.
Thursday was hard, it was raining all day and it was raining pretty hard. Yes we did go tracting. We had to ride our bikes for about half an hour in the rain to get to a meeting we had at the church. At the end of the day I was getting a headache because all of the Spanish I was trying to understand. It will come, alot of people have been telling me that it was hard for them too. So I will trust, be patient, and try my hardest to understand.

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