Sunday, September 14, 2008

Derek's First Week in the Field

We received a letter from Derek with lots of details of his first week out in the field. This took place before his transfer. Here is some of his letter dated Sept 5.
"First I will tell you about Elder Williams. He is from Idaho, a small town I can’t remember. He has four other Siblings. The first day of tracting was good. It was funny cause we would knock on the door, someone would come to the door and Elder Williams would start in English, then the people would interrupt and say "I only know a little English". I took over and tried to speak in Spanish. I think I did pretty good, but the funny part was that Elder Williams would start talking in English again and they understood pretty good. But I enjoyed it because I got to use my Spanish. I think I told you for the first week they put me in an English speaking area, but I think I spoke more Spanish than English when we were contacting."
In this letter Derek also gave us a run down of what he did each day, here it is:
"Friday August 29 We just went tracting all day and set up a few appointments for the next day and got referrals for the elders that speak better Spanish than me. I went on exchanges with Elder Hudson who speaks Spanish and that was the day I learned that I don't know a whole lot of Spanish. WOW It just went flying over my head. I understood a little but I was confused all day.
Sunday was my first Sunday out in the field and guess what? I had to give a five minute talk on missionary work.
Monday we went tracting and had a meeting with the district. There were eight of us I think in the district.
Tuesday we got a call and they said we were being transferred, so pack and get ready to move. So Tuesday we spent packing and cleaning the apartment and the car."

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