Friday, September 19, 2008

A Week of Up's and Down's

Well, the first of this week we heard from Elder Layton's family (another elder with a Visa problem) that his Visa had come him and he'd be leaving for Peru this week. (Which he did, YEAH). So thinking Derek's might be taken care of we called the travel office to see. They said they had a list of ones that were coming in on Monday and he was not on it. They said they'd have another list on Tuesday and to call back. So we called back on Tuesday and he was on the list of Visa's being delivered that day. We were so excited. We sent Derek an email telling him that it sounded like things were getting worked out and he'd be on his way soon. To that he replied, "Wow! I am excited!! I can't wait, if I weren't in the library I would jump up and scream. Just Kidding." Wednesday we made another call to the travel office to see if the Visa made it there for sure. Well, it didn't. Out of everyone of the "list", Derek's was the only one that did not arrive. How discouraging!! They had to email the people on the Peru end of things and we have not heard. We are trying to be patient but it's getting harder and harder. We had to write Derek another email telling him that we'd spoke too soon and apologized for maybe getting his hopes up. To that he said, "That's ok, you don't need to be sorry. I am enjoying myself here for the most part and I know this is where the Lord needs me at this time. So you don't need to be sorry. I still love you a ton. You might have to send me a couple big bags of M&M's but it's okay. Love you" We're so glad Derek has more patience and understanding than us!! Please keep him in your prayers.

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