Friday, September 19, 2008

We love emails!! Derek's email from Sept. 17.

It's so fun to hear from our missionary. We always look forward to Wednesdays!! Here are parts of his emails.
"This week has been going good. Lots of rain and my feet are starting to feel better. Saturday we went to a baptism and we rode our bikes about seven miles in the rain. It was pouring hard. It was kinda fun though. We were soaked. I felt like we had just been baptised. Good thing we took a change of clothes. I got your package but it is all gone now, it was delicious. Thanks! Spanish is still a little difficult but I think it is coming slowly . I am trying really hard to study really hard for the hour that we have to study the language."

In last week's email Derek mentioned a man that they tracted into and the man asked them to come back. They went back to teach him and here is how it went:
"We went back and taught him about the Book of Mormon but he didn't really want to listen. He said he was tired and didn't really have a lot of time. We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read Alma 42 because he lost his son and his mother recently and that chapter is about-what happens after this life. He told us to call him in a month. I think I will call him in a couple weeks and see if he has read and if he has questions. "

About his new district: "The new district is good. My comp is the only one who is foreign but the others speak as if they were foreign. I can't wait till I can speak like that, hopefully it is sometime soon."

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GDR said...

Derek - don't get discouraged with the will surely come. Landon felt the same way, and just wanted 4 months to hurry up and pass,so that he would be more fluent, and you know what? He was !! You will too

- Sister Rich
Morgan, UT