Friday, September 26, 2008

This Week at a Glance September 24,2008

We have done a lot of tracting and street contacting. We taught a few lessons that went ok. I find that people don’t really want to listen. But I read in the scriptures that we are to give them the warning voice and do our best to bring them to Christ. The choice is theirs. My favorite scripture that talks about this is Jacob 1:19 (In the Book of Mormon). We are to magnify our callings by doing all that we can do, and that their blood will not be upon our garments in the last days. I feel that we have been doing our best.

We have a couple that really liked what we taught. They even told us that they liked it. For them it is going to be a long hard road, because they smoke and drink and work on Sunday. It probably won’t be easy but in the long run it is worth it.

Tuesday (Sept 23) We had zone conference and the missionaries that I served with before were there it was cool to see them. It was really good, we learned how to become better, happier and more successful. We were taught how to work with ward members.
We had dinner with the familia de Jesus again. It was really good, they are an awesome family, very excited about missionary work.

One thing that I would challenge Alden and Dad and anyone that can, to take the opportunity to go out with the full time missionaries, DO IT! It really helps them.
Derek sends his love to all of you.

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